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This page contains links to downloadable tour descriptions as well as some important information for your convenience, which you can even print and hand over to your pax. The instructions for boarding the direct ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Macau, as well as the Airport Meeting Point Map, are also included in the downloads.

You are requested to kindly ensure that all passengers who are booked to board the direct ferry from the HKG airport are given a copy of the direct ferry instructions, along with the printout of their ferry tickets.

Similarly, pax who are destined to visit Hong Kong first, may be given the printout of the Airport Meeting Point Map.

Please note that the PDF files are available for download by registered users only, and you will be required to log in to access them.

We would also like to invite your attention to the individual tour description pages which are listed below, so that you are well aware of the limitations of service as well.