Image Courtesy HKTB

Image Courtesy HKTB

Continental (HK) Travel Services Co Ltd extends a warm welcome to our friends and supporters from India.

Site Usage Guidelines

On the Tariffs Page, you will find the tariffs and promotions currently applicable to your market. However, with reference to the rates for Hong Kong, Disneyland & Macau which are posted online, we would also like to remind you once again that due to the dynamic nature of the HKG & MFM markets, the hotels keep varying their rates, depending on demand.

Whilst every effort is made to honour the rates quoted on the enclosed sheets, it sometimes becomes difficult to offer confirmations on the given rates, if the actual rates quoted by the hotel are too high, and it would be highly appreciated if you could kindly cross-check the rates with us prior to quoting. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Also, the Tours & Info Page contains links to downloadable tour descriptions as well as some important information for your convenience, which you can print and hand over to your pax. The instructions for boarding the direct ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Macau, as well as the Airport Meeting Point Map, are also included in the downloads.

You are requested to kindly ensure that all passengers who are booked to board the direct ferry from the HKG airport are given a copy of the direct ferry instructions, along with the printout of their ferry tickets.

Similarly, pax who are destined to visit Hong Kong first, may be given the printout of the Airport Meeting Point Map.

The News & Updates section carries important announcements for any special promotions and changes that affect your market or your passengers. You are requested to kindly refer to this section frequently to stay updated with the latest happenings and events.

We do hope that you will find the site useful, and shall make full use of it. Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

Happy Selling !