Macau Tour & Transfers – Important Information

Image Copyright Rajiv Bajaj

Image Copyright Rajiv Bajaj

Important Information Concerning Macau Packages

Please note that most of the packages for Macau hotels are based on Hotels’ Special offers and Free Shuttle Services provided by the concerned hotels. As such, we do not charge you anything for transfers within Macau – from Ferry Terminal / Airport to the booked hotel, or Vice-Versa.

The schedules for the free shuttle services for these hotels may be downloaded below. It may also be noted that these schedules may change at any time at the sole discretion of the hotels. Should a free shuttle service be unavailable at a particular desired timing, the guests would be required to arrange their own transport from the Ferry Terminal / Airport to the hotel, or vice-versa. We regret that in such a case, Continental would not be able to offer any refund, as this service is not being charged for. It would also be highly appreciated if this information could be shared with the guests at the time of their booking.

Other Important Guidelines

  • For guests travelling directly from Hong Kong International Airport to Macau, the ferry ticket is sent in advance to the agent who should ensure that the same is given to the guest prior to departure from India. Guests should be advised not to pass through immigration at Hong Kong International Airport. Please refer to the guidelines for taking the direct ferry here.
  • Guests should be informed in advance that there is no pick up or guide available at the Macau Ferry pier when the package is booked for hotels that provide shuttle services. Guest can take the free shuttle bus service to their hotel. We will only provide SIC or Private transfers to those hotels which do not have the shuttle service, as required. Respective charges will apply for such transfers and this will be mentioned on the Finalization of reservation mail sent to the agent in advance.
  • SIC Day Tour pick-up from the Macau hotel is between 0900-1000 hrs from the hotel lobby.
  • If the guests are scheduled for taking the SIC city tour directly upon arrival at Macau, they will be picked up at around 1030-1100hrs from the ferry pier.
  • The SIC tour ends at around 1500-1600hrs, and includes an Indian set-menu lunch.
  • Guests will be dropped off to the hotel or ferry pier after the tour,depending on their itinerary.
  • Guests travelling from Macau to Hong Kong and wishing to avail the SIC transfer in Hong Kong, should take the 1300 Hrs ferry to Sheung Wan ferry terminal, where they will be met by our tour guide. The meeting point at the ferry terminal is the West Bridge. Our guide will then assist them to take the SIC transfer to their hotel.
  • It may kindly be noted that SIC service has timing restrictions, and our tour guide will arrive at the meeting point (West Bridge) at 1400 Hrs, and the maximum waiting time is until 1515 Hrs. It may also be noted that even if the guest reaches the meeting point early, we cannot provide an early transfer, as the guide needs to wait till the stipulated time for all guests to clear through immigration. We regret that the guests will need to wait until 1515 Hrs for the coach departure.
  • If the guests are coming to Hong Kong directly after the Macau city tour, they should take the 1800 Hrs ferry from Macau to Kowloon pier, and they will be picked up at 1900 Hrs from the Kowloon pier.
  • From Hong Kong to Macau SIC ferry pier transfers:
    • For guests taking the Macau day tour ex-Hong Kong and returning back to Hong Kong on the same day, the pick-up from time from Hong Kong hotel is at around 0730-0800 Hrs. They will take the 0900 Hrs ferry to reach Macau at 1000hrs, where they will be picked up by our guide for the City Tour.
    • For guests departing for Macau with overnight stay booked in Macau, and who have with no tour booked in Hong Kong on the day of their departure, the morning the pick-up from Hong Kong hotel will be between 1130-1230 Hrs. They will be transferred to the ferry terminal to board the 1430hrs ferry reaching Macau at 1530 Hrs.
    • For guests going to Macau from Hong Kong, after staying at the Disneyland resort, the pick-up will be between 1400hrs-1500 Hrs from the Disney hotel, and they will take the 1630 Hrs ferry to reach Macau at 1730 Hrs.
    • Guests going to Macau for an overnight stay after taking the morning half-day Hong Kong city tour will be required to check out from the hotel in the morning before leaving for the city tour. After the city tour they will directly be transferred to the ferry pier at around 1400-1500hrs, and will take the 1630hrs ferry reaching Macau at 1730 Hrs.
  • The above pick-up timings are for SIC transfers. We will follow the same timings for private transfers as well, unless a different timing is specified beforehand at the time of booking finalization.
  • All the ferry tickets are pre-booked and cannot be changed or refunded. Should the guests miss the transfers or the booked ferry for any reason, they will be required to make their own arrangements for transportation as well as for ferry tickets. We regret our inability to offer any refunds in such cases.
  • If the guests need to redeem ferry tickets for Macau-Hong Kong sector, from the Macau hotel as a part of their package, they need to bear in mind that the SIC transfer time from the Hong Kong pier is arranged as per the ferry departing from Macau at 1300 Hrs and arriving Hong Kong at 1400 Hrs. Accordingly, they should redeem their tickets for the 1300 Hrs ferry from Macau, reaching the Sheung Wan pier at 1400 Hrs.
  • Should the guest wish to travel to Hong Kong earlier or later than the 1300 Hrs ferry, we regret that the SIC transfer service will not be available and they will need to make their own arrangements from the pier to the hotel.

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