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 On this page, you will find the tariffs and promotions currently applicable to your market. However, with reference to the rates for Hong Kong, Disneyland & Macau which are posted online, we would also like to remind you once again that due to the dynamic nature of the HKG & MFM markets, the hotels keep varying their rates, depending on demand.

Whilst every effort is made to honour the rates quoted on the enclosed sheets, it sometimes becomes difficult to offer confirmations on the given rates, if the actual rates quoted by the hotel are too high, and it would be highly appreciated if you could kindly cross-check the rates with us prior to quoting. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Please note that the PDF files are available for download by registered users only, and you will be required to log in to access them.

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Hong Kong, Macau & Disney Tariffs & Promos