Important Reservations Info

General Information About Hong Kong Hotels

  • Normal Check-In time for all hotels is between 1400hrs-1500 hrs.
  • Normal Check Out Time for all hotels is between 1100hrs-1200 hrs.
  • Early Check In / Late Check Out cannot be confirmed or guaranteed in advance, and only a request can be made. This facility is at the sole discretion of the hotels.
  • If the guests desire a guaranteed early check in or a late check out, it can only be done upon payment of 01 additional night’s charge.
  • Adjoining rooms, rooms on the same floor, or rooms with specific twin / double bed types, smoking or non-smoking rooms, etc, cannot be guaranteed in advance, and can only be requested for. The same will always be subject to their being available at the time of check-in, and depending on the hotel’s occupancy levels.
  • Average Room Size in most Hong Kong Hotels (Base Category) :
    • 3 Star: 15-25 Sq.Mts
    • 4 Star: 25-35 Sq.Mts
    • 5 Star: 30-40 Sq.Mts
  • Bottled water may or may not be complimentary, depending upon the policy of the concerned hotel. Guests are advised to kindly cross-check the same with the concerned hotel upon check-in.
  • Wi-fi may or may not be complimentary, depending upon the policy of the concerned hotel. Guests are advised to kindly cross-check the same with the concerned hotel upon check-in.
  • As a standard policy, most of the hotels charge a refundable deposit upon check in by cash or credit card), against incidental expenses that may be incurred by the guest for additional services, for example, the use of the mini-bar in the room or any other payable service. In case there is no incidental charge, the deposit is fully refunded to the guest upon check-out.
  • Most hotels can only accommodate up to 2 adults +2 children (under 11yrs)or 3 adults in one room. Some hotels will only allow 2 adults +1 child in one room. Our reservations team will apprise you of the occupancy policy of the hotel at the time of handling your reservation query, and will try to give you the most suitable option based on the specific requirements.
  • We request you to kindly brief the guests about the aforementioned information and policies prior to their departure from India, so as to avoid any last minute confusion at the time of check-in.

Important Information About Bookings & Travel to Hong Kong and Macau

  • Effective 23 January 2017, Indian passport holders will need to pre-register and obtain an online clearance to travel to Hong Kong, failing which, the carrier will not accept them for carriage. It may also be noted that even the pre-registration does not guarantee an entry into Hong Kong, and permission to enter is entirely at the discretion of the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Should a guest be denied entry into Hong Kong, or interrogated for a long time by the immigration officials, Continental HK cannot accept any responsibility for the same. We regret that we can neither question the immigration authorities nor interfere with the immigration procedures in any way. Further, it may kindly be noted that the Immigration area is out of bounds to the general public and our representatives are not allowed access there. It is further clarified that this is generic information for the travelers. For official information on Visa & Passport requirements, you are requested to kindly visit this link and the HKTB Official Site.
  • The same rules apply for Macau as well. For official information on Visa & Passport requirements, you are requested to kindly visit this link.
  • It may kindly be noted that due to the dynamic nature of Hong Kong & Macau markets, the hotels keep varying their rates, depending on demand. For this reason, any quote given by us is valid for 24 hours or less. In case you send us a confirmation for the booking more than 24 hrs after the quote being given, we will need to requote to you after cross-checking with the hotels, and there is a possibility that the rates may change upwards.
  • Once a booking is guaranteed and finalized there will be no cancellation or refund for any services which have been missed or not availed by the guests.
  • Any amendments to the finalized tour itinerary need to be requested for at least 5 days before the travel date. We regret that it may not be possible for us to amend the arrangements if the request is received less than 5 days prior to guest arrival.
  • It is the responsibility of the travel agent / tour operator making the booking with us to hand over all ferry tickets, meal coupons etc that have already been sent by us to the agent before the travel date. If the agent forgets to hand over the same to the guests, and we need to resend or hand over to the guests on arrival there may be additional handling charges involved.
  • For private transfers, should the guests require specific timings for their transfers, it would be highly appreciated if the same are clearly communicate to us at the time of making the booking, so that it is acknowledged and reconfirmed by the reservation staff handling the case. We regret that amendments at a later stage, especially after the guest’s arrival in Hong Kong, may not be possible.
  • You are requested to ensure that the correct full name/s of the guests – AS PER PASSPORT – are given right from the beginning of the booking. It may also be noted that most hotels and service providers do not permit name changes once booked and some may even charge a penalty for name change, if at all it is permitted by them. For each room to be booked, one separate name is required.
  • You are requested to kindly ensure that the booking is under the name of the guest who will be personally present at the time of check in. Please note that a spouse or other accompanying relative may be refused check in, if the person under whose name the booking is held is not personally present. Should any guest be joining later, kindly ensure that the booking is made in the name of the guest who will be reporting for check-in first.
  • All bookings need to be guaranteed before the option date or time limit given, failing which the room will be auto released and all services cancelled.


  • When the booking is finalized and guaranteed by you, we will send you an invoice for the same and you need to arrange the payment by bank remittance directly to our Hong Kong account, within the stipulated deadline. It may further be noted that our representative office in India is only solely a marketing and coordination unit and as such, does not collect any payments on our behalf in India.
  • All the bookings and services need to be paid in advance, within the specified deadline given to you at the time of raising the invoice. It may kindly be noted that these deadlines are based on the deadlines given to us by the concerned hotel/s and any extension is at the sole discretion of the hotel. It may further be noted that if an extension of deadline is sought, there is also a possibility that the rates may be revised upward.
  • In case the payment does not reflect in our account within the given time limit, the room will be auto-released and all services will be cancelled. Any request for reinstatement will require a fresh quote from our side, based on the prevailing rates on the day of the quote.
  • In case of any services being added after the guests have arrived, or after the remittance has already been made to us for the previously booked services, the guests will need to pay the charges directly to our tour guide for all such additional services. Alternately, you may pay for the services using our online payment facility through Paypal.
  • Once the payment has been remitted by you, please send us the SWIFT copy of the remittance so that we can trace the payment with our bank.
  • For last minute bookings you can pay either through Paypal or through the Delhi branch of Paul Merchants, who can remit the payment to us on your behalf.

Cancellation Policy

  • Once the booking is guaranteed by you, any cancellation or modification will normally involve a charge of minimum 1 night. However, it may be noted that different hotels / service providers apply different policies and it is not possible to have a comprehensive cancellation policy listed here that may cover all situations. The policy eventually applied to the specific booking by the concerned hotel shall be final and binding.
  • Please note that ferry tickets or for any other services that have been pre-booked by us on your behalf, as per your instructions, are non-refundable and non-changeable, and as such, will attract full cancellation charges.
  • Certain peak travel periods where the demand is very high, may be subject to 100% cancellation once booked. This will be advised to you at the time of quotation as well as confirmations.
  • There will no refund or cancellation for any room charges, reduction of services, or partially utilized services after the guest has already arrived, or if the guest fails to arrive (is a No-Show). The same will also apply if the guest has been refused entry by Immigration authorities for any reason, and such a case will be treated as a No-show.