“Disney in the Stars” Fireworks Magical Finale on 01 January 2018

Disneyland Hong Kong Fireworks

Image is courtesy of Hong Kong Disneyland.

As per an update posted by Disneyland Hong Kong on their website, the grand finale for the fireworks will be held on 01 January 2018.

Currently our return transfer from Disneyland to Hong Kong city hotels is around 2130 hrs after the fireworks. However, as the fireworks are likely to be discontinued after 01 January 2018, the park timings are likely to be revised, and our departure from the park will also be revised accordingly.

Please note that effective 02 January 2018, the SIC departure transfer from the park will be 15 minutes after the park’s scheduled closing time.

You are requested to kindly inform all guests – especially those travelling after 01 January 2018 – accordingly.

Should Disneyland Hong Kong announce the resumption of the fireworks later, we will issue an updated advisory. The revised tour description of the tour – minus the fireworks – has been updated on the website and may be downloaded from there.

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