Important Information Concerning The Pre-Arrival Registration Of Indian Visitors To Hong Kong

As advised in our previous updates, Indian nationals arriving in Hong Kong as from 23 January 2017 must apply for, and complete online pre-arrival registration before enjoying their 14-day visa-free visit, or entering Hong Kong during transit.

The pre-arrival registration for Indian nationals platform has already been launched on December 19, 2016. The registration is free of cost. The computer system will display the result instantly once the registration is made.

Successful registrants will be required to print a notification slip for immigration clearance upon arrival. This will also be required to be produced the carrier prior to embarkation, without which the carriers will refuse carriage.

The Pre-arrival registration will be valid for six months, and may be used multiple times within this validity. Read the full announcement here. You may also access the FAQs on this link.

Holders of an Indian diplomatic or official passport or a Hong Kong Travel Pass are exempted from this requirement.

Indian nationals who are enrolled as frequent visitors using the e-Channel service are also exempted, subject to their e-Channel permission being valid.

Here are some important tips concerning the Pre-Arrival Registration

1. We strongly recommend that you complete the pre-arrival registration of your guests before reconfirming the booking, in order to avoid cancellation charges later.

2. The copy of the successful registration generated online must be produced to the airline / carrier at the time of check-in, without which they may refuse carriage to the passenger.

3. The copy of the registration must be carried by the guest at all times, particularly in case they are taking a day excursion to either Shenzhen or Macau and then returning back to Hong Kong. They will need to produce it to the carrier as well as the immigration authorities for each entry into Hong Kong.

4. It is important that all information of the traveller must be entered accurately at the time of applying online, as wrong details may lead to an unsuccessful registration. Please refer to the Guidance Notes released by HK Immigration Department for the same. You may download the Guidance Notes Below.

5. We would like to draw your attention to the Warning contained in the Guidance Notes, as quoted below:

17. When applying for pre-arrival registration, the registrant must truthfully enter the correct information. The information the registrant provides in the pre-arrival registration needs to be exactly the same as it appears in his/her passport and he/she must use the same passport that is linked to it when visiting the HKSAR. Failure to do so will render his/her pre-arrival registration invalid. An invalid pre-arrival registration will lead to refusal of the registrant’s boarding of a conveyance (a ship, aircraft, vehicle or any other means whatsoever of travel or transport) bound for the HKSAR and refusal of entry to the HKSAR upon arrival.

18. Any person who knowingly and wilfully makes a statement or gives information which he/she knows to be false or does not believe to be true may be liable for prosecution under the Laws of Hong Kong.

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